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Get More Copywriting Clients
Than You Can Ever Hope to Handle

Starting from zero, you can quickly and easily generate tons of inquiries from potential clients... then convince them to hire you for interesting -- and lucrative -- copywriting assignments.

About Bob Bly

Bob Bly on the Ultimate Secrets of 
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Bob Bly has been a writer since 1979 and a full-time freelance writer since 1982. He earns more than $600,000 a year from his freelance writing, and became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in his 30s.

Bob has written copy for more than 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, IBM, Intuit, Nortel, and AlliedSignal.

Bob is the author of more than 70 books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Direct Marketing (Alpha), The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book (HarperCollins), The "I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford" Book (Kensington), The Science in Science Fiction (BenBella), and, with Bo Dietl, Business Lunchatations (Penguin).

He has published more than 100 articles in such publications as Subscription Marketing, Direct, Business Marketing, Writer's Digest, and Amtrak Express.

Bob's writing awards include a Gold Echo from the Direct Marketing Association, an IMMY from the Information Industry Association, two Southstar Awards, an American Corporate Identity Award of Excellence, and the Standard of Excellence award from the Web Marketing Association. He also taught writing at New York University.

Bob has appeared as a guest on dozens of TV and radio shows including The Advertising Show, Bernard Meltzer, CNBC, and CBS Hard Copy. He has been featured in major media ranging from the LA Times and Nation's Business to the New York Post and the National Enquirer.

What they say about
Bob Bly's copy and counsel

"I started down this road of copywriting for direct marketers by purchasing your book. Since then I have made about $50,000 in copywriting fees. I feel a debt of gratitude toward you!" --Ray Edwards

"Thank you so much for your wonderful work. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you on another project in the near future. You were always available, quick to answer questions and always exceeded my expectations. You truly are a gifted writer." -Aaron Griffith, The Griffith

"I went to Amazon.com and got a copy of Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Wow! ... I loved it! Packed with info. The book had a 'readability' about it that took away all my fears, put me at ease, and made me feel that I wasn't treading on foreign soil. I kept saying to myself, 'I can do that, I can do that!'" - Ronald J. Rich

"Your books served as a complete reference when I started my own freelance writing business a year and a half ago. By following the advice you laid out, I quickly reached goals that I had set for year three of my business within the first year. My philosophy is, if you've written it or recommended it, I want to read it." - Carla Jahnson

"I own a copy of The Copywriter's Handbook, which is priceless. Thank you for making this information available to those of us on a shoestring." - Mary Klaebul, Memphis, TN

"I own Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $85,000 a Year and The Copywriter's Handbook. Both are great. You did a great job of getting to the nitty gritty. I admire and respect what you have done." - Derek A. Chilcoat

"Having read two of your books, Secrets of a Freelance Writer and The Copywriter's Handbook, I am now taking the leap. If not for the strong encouragement of your books, I might not have jumped. Thanks again for the road map that your books offered." - Eddie Adelman

"I am a great fan and avid reader of your books. When I first started out in this copywriting business nearly ten years ago, your Secrets of a Freelance Writer was my bible (it's so dog-eared, some of the pages are coming apart). You continue to be a great source of inspiration and education." - John M. Mora, Plainfield, IL

"Thank you for all the books you've written over the years -- I have enjoyed many of them, and profited from what I've learned. I've been reading Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field this past month -- it's helping me really do the things I've always wanted to do." - Michael Knowles

"I read Write More, Sell More a few years ago and loved it." - Steve Slaunwhite

"The first time I read your book Secrets of a Freelance Writer I laughed at the fact of picturing myself as a business writer. The second time I read it, I made over $1,000 in a week. I'm laughing for a much better reason now." - Grady Smith

"I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent work you did for us. You are the man and I can't tell you how much I admired your approach and service. Although I've never worked with a copywriter before, I think you set the standard pretty high. I look forward to working with you again. You certainly have my vote for the next round!" -DP Jovine, Tycoon Research

"Great job - I'm always amazed at how you can boil the complex down into simple terms. It flows very well." -Kyle Hodgens, Capital Financial Media

"Thank you for the copy. I see why you're the expert. It's so simple, it's brilliant." -Sau Hyoung Pak, Big Machine

"The radio spots are very well done. I am very impressed with your work and copywriting expertise. We will be making the changes to the print ad as you suggested. In the future we may work with you to design a totally new print ad. Again I'd like to say I'm impressed with your services. You were prompt, informative, and definitely know your stuff. We will be recommending you to others and doing repeat business." -Joshua Andrews, Health Solutions, LLC

"When people get to the promotion, the promotion has a good conversion rate. In one test, it actually had a 14% conversion to sale... can't ask for much better than that." -David Galland, Casey Research

"I loved the ad! I don't see any reason for revision so I have already put through a check request for the balance I owe you on the ad. We are very excited about this one. I can't wait to see how it does. Thanks so much!" -Alice Wessendorf, Agora Health Book

"I show off the work that we did on lead generation for negotiation -- as well as the conversion program from HMCL -- as big successes." -Paul Szymanski, Harvard Business School Publishing

"Thank you for being very instrumental on making the launch of the wealth management book such a resounding success. It was so successful that we had to request more copies." -Ingrid Boney, II

"Thanks, Bob! You are awesome to work with." -Matt Morsa, Stock Secrets, Inc.

"I've spoken to a thousand copywriters over the years and Bob Bly is the best. He knows what he's doing." -Joe Culotta, Natural Medicine Co.

"I am happy to report to you that your piece out produced the 4 other packages we tested against it. I want to talk to you about another project...." -Nick Roumi, Pacific Coast Funding

"This is an outstanding letter. Really nice work!" -Paul Szymanski, Harvard Business School Publishing

"Like the package ... the tone ... I think it's excellent." -Bill Caskey, Caskey Sales Achievement

"Bob, this is great! It always amazes me how quickly the important concepts are captured and highlighted. Thanks." - Adrienne Pierce, The BOC Group

"Thanks for the ad copy. As usual, a job well done. You know how to listen-and give us copy that's right on target the first time. We seldom change even a single word in the ads and brochures you write for us. Your technical know-how and copywriting skills are an unbeatable combination for industrial and business-to-business advertising. We know we'll keep on using it-and you." - Kenneth I. Weissman, Graphicom

"I'll have to admit that I was initially somewhat skeptical that copy for a brochure could actually be written by mail, without all those meetings we've come to associate with the process. But your excellent copy made me a believer. It was clear that you had not only read the materials that I'd sent, but you also understood them. Your fresh approach won all-around approval. I don't think the changes we made affected more than three or four sentences. I look forward to future projects." - John W. Alexander, The Philadelphia National Bank

"I would like to express my personal thanks for your assistance in helping us develop a marketing program via the mass media. I was impressed with your professionalism, knowledge of the field, willingness to extend yourself, and your eagerness to help us succeed. It was a real pleasure working with you; I will contact you for additional help on phase two of our project." - Stan Stevens, Personal Health Profile

"Bob Bly is a first-rate writer of industrial print advertising. Bob has developed efficient methods for working quickly and effectively by mail, fax, and phone. And his price structure, deadlines, and revisions policy are fair and easy to understand. Bob is a pleasure to work with-I've never been disappointed." - Bernie Powers, Pruitt, Humphress, Powers & Munroe

"I just finished reading your copy for our CERTINCOAT System brochure and I was very happy with it. You did an excellent job of editing a large amount of information, much of it extraneous, into a strong, cohesive selling message. Once again, I thank you for taking a stack of complex source material and transforming it into great literature." - Len Lavenda, M&T CHEMICALS INC.

Dear Marketer:

When I started my freelance copywriting business in 1982, there were only a few copywriters out there... or at least that's how it seemed.

Back then, when prospects called me, they seemed genuinely relieved to have found someone who could write what they needed.

They simply didn't know where else to turn.

Today, things are different.

There are thousands of folks getting into copywriting. No shortage of copywriters for clients to choose from.

And any potential client can find dozens of copywriters online in seconds, just by searching Google.

In this overcrowded marketplace, you need more than just copywriting ability to make it as a freelance copywriter.

You also need to know how to get freelance copywriting clients.

And not just any clients. But clients who understand the value of copywriting... appreciate the skills you bring to the table... and are willing to pay a fair price for it.

Now, I'm going to show you how to go out and get more clients than you could ever hope to handle.

Assisting me in this task are two of the most experienced marketers of copywriting services in the world... and what makes this really amazing is that neither one is a copywriter...

Meet the "A Team" of Freelance Copywriting Marketing

When it comes to getting on the phone with a prospect and convincing that person to hire you for a copywriting assignment, few people are as experienced as Ilise Benun and Fern Dickey.

I know because I have used both of them, for many years, to handle leads, close sales, and negotiate copywriting contracts in my own freelance copywriting business.

You see, because of my longevity in the industry (close to 30 years now) and my columns, articles, speeches, and books, I get a floodtide of inquiries about my freelance copywriting services.

It's a nice problem to have. But it is a problem. If I responded to all of these inquiries personally, I'd have no time to get my client work done, and would be unable to meet my deadlines.

So years ago, I outsourced all my sales follow-up to Ilise Benun. After Ilise went on to other things, Fern Dickey took over as my "Project Manager."

Together, these two women have made more phone calls to copywriting prospects and clients than just about anyone in the country.

They have forgotten more about selling freelance copywriting services than 99.99% of working copywriters know, and now the three of us are ready to help you...

Get more copywriting clients than you can ever hope to handle.

In Getting Copywriting Clients, you get tools, tactics, and techniques proven to work in today's freelance copywriting market. Not theory. And not a rehash of the old methods that may have worked years ago, but won't cut it in today's world.


  • Why being a graduate of a copywriting course or program is not, by itself, going to compel potential clients to hire you.
  • Understanding the needs of the market -- and where your talents and background can fit into it.
  • Networking for introverts: how to overcome shyness, make new friends, and build your network of contacts.
  • Should you use your own name for your freelance copywriting business -- or create an impressive-sounding company name to make you sound larger than you really are? The answer may surprise you.
  • How to choose a specialty or niche even when you're a total novice with no experience in any specialized area.
  • Relationship selling: developing relationships with the people who need you.
  • How to promote your freelance copywriting business at the platform through speaking.
  • How to stand out and break away from the pack.
  • Getting your prospect on the phone with cold calling: what to say, what to avoid.
  • Generating sales leads with a free monthly e-newsletter.
  • Attracting potential clients with a content-rich copywriting Web site.
  • Should you have a blog? Here's why many copywriters do.
  • How to get people to refer potential copywriting clients to you.
  • Does paper direct mail still work for generating leads for copywriters - or is e-mail better?
  • The quickest - and easiest - way to gain visibility and position yourself as a top copywriter.
  • The first thing to do and say when the phone rings and it's an inquiry about your copywriting services.
  • You have a great conversation with a potential client and send out your samples. Then you call and call, and she doesn't call back. Now what?
  • Keeping in touch with leads: the fine line between being persistent and being a pest.
  • When should you stop calling, give up on the lead, and move on.
  • The ultimate secret to keeping your pipeline filled with all the leads you need.
  • The simple "back of the envelope" business plan for earning $100,000 a year as a copywriter.

  • Why you should keep marketing even when you are busy and don't need the work.
  • Pros and cons of outsourcing prospect follow-up to an independent sales rep like Ilise Benun or Fern Dickey.
  • Marketing methods that produce the most qualified prospects - and marketing methods that generate "junk" leads.
  • Easy way to capture inquiries on your Web site - even qualify them online.
  • How to increase lead flow from your free e-zine.
  • Why someone calling you and saying they need a copywriter is NOT the same as a qualified lead.
  • Steps to qualifying sales leads with the "MAD FU" formula.
  • 5 indicators that an inquiry is serious and the prospect can afford your fees.
  • Early warning signs that a lead isn't serious -- and should not be pursued.
  • The copper/silver/gold/diamond system for classifying sales leads.
  • Overcoming "I have to think about it" and other stalls.
  • Selling the prospect with samples of your work: which samples should you show her?
  • If you've posted your portfolio on your Web site, does it make sense to mail a hard copy information kit?
  • The 6 most important parts of your copywriting Web site... and what to post on each.
  • How to handle "Your price is too high" and other objections.
  • 3 reasons why clients will hire you even though they could write it themselves.
  • Market yourself as a "marketing consultant" -- and get paid for your advice instead of giving it away!
  • Should you offer a "polish" or editing or rewrite service instead of "copy from scratch"?
  • Must you guarantee results to close the sale?
  • Can you write the copy only? Or must you manage the entire project?
  • How to get as many as 3 out of 10 prospects to hire you to write copy for them.

"I recently purchased your audio program Getting Copywriting Clients. and I have to tell you it's awesome," says copywriter Winnie Anderson.

Get clients and grow rich!


Over the past 25 years, I have made millions of dollars from my freelance writing.

Naturally, it has provided a very comfortable - and financially secure -- lifestyle for me and my family.

I own - mortgage-free -- an 11-room home worth well over three quarters of a million dollars.

On weekends, we take a short drive to our second home - a 4-bedroom house on a beautiful pristine lake. We go swimming and fishing right off our dock!

I work in jeans and sneakers - no more suit and tie, commuting, project teams, or answering to a boss.

Yes, I get paid very well as a freelance writer - earning on average over $12,000 a week.

That means I make more in a month than the average American with a 9-to-5 job makes in a year!

But more important, I do what I want to do - write.

And, I write what I want, when I want to write it.

All this... or whatever freelance success you desire . can be yours, too. And much sooner than you think...

Hire my team now to show you how to get copywriting clients - for pennies on the dollar.

Over the years, I've paid countless thousands of dollars to Ilise Benun and Fern Dickey for handling my sales follow-up.

During that time, they've dealt with hundreds of prospects... and closed millions of dollars in sales for my freelance copywriting business.

Now, in Getting Copywriting Clients, they reveal all... and I mean ALL... the sales secrets they used to make me a multi-millionaire freelance copywriter.

But you won't pay thousands... or $1,000... or even $100 to master their battle-tested methods for prospecting, follow-up, and sales closing.

You'll invest just $77 to profit from our audio learning program, Getting Copywriting Clients. That's a $20 discount off the regular price of $97.

And that's what it costs you ONLY if my ideas work for you.

If they don't, the cost is zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada....

Try it risk-free for 90 days

That's right. If, after reviewing Getting Copywriting Clients, you don't agree that our prospecting and selling secrets can help you earn thousands of extra dollars in freelance income this year...

Or you are dissatisfied for any other reason... or for no reason at all... just return all the CDs to me (yes, including the bonus CDs - see my P.S. below) within 90 days.

You'll get a full product refund - no questions asked. That way, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for?

In 90 days, you could be no closer to your dream of freelance wealth than you are right now.

Or, you could be on your way to making $75,000... $100,000... even $150,000 a year or more as a successful freelance copywriter.

It's entirely up to you.

To order Getting Copywriting Clients on a 90-day risk-free trial basis, click below now:


Bob Bly

P.S. Order Getting Copywriting Clients today and you get an incredibly valuable FREE Bonus CD, Copywriting Today (list price: $29).

On this CD, best-selling author and master entrepreneur Roger C. Parker and I have a frank, back-and-forth discussion about the state of the freelance copywriting industry today. I give you the whole picture of copywriting as I see it - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We also tell you about what I think should be every freelance copywriter's second business - writing and selling simple information on the Internet.

If you make $100,000 a year as a freelance copywriter... and another $100,000 a year selling your own information products online... your annual income is $200,000 - putting you in the top 3% of American wage-earners. That's a very nice way to live!

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